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Southwest Texas 2020
My first trip to the Chihuahuan Desert was INCREDIBLE! No pictures can actually portray its beauty... but here is a humble attempt to capture some of the immense diversity. Javelina, horned lizard, pronghorn, roadrunner and several raptors are just some of the fauna observed. Among the flora, my favorites are certainly the innumerous cacti, but saw lots of yucca, creosote, mesquite, agave and Fouquieria. Let's not forget about the real ROCK-stars... the LICHENS! The visited places were:
- Davis Mountains Preserve (many THANKS to Tara, Charlotte and Greg for making this happen!)
- Davis Mountains State Park
- Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute (THANK YOU Seth so much for the wonderful tour and knowledge shared!)
- Big Bend Ranch State Park
PS: OK, I admit it! I am obsessed with CACTI, as you will soon find out by the photo selection. Trust me, it was EXTREMELY difficult to choose which cacti would be included here, there were LOTS more!
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