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Jamaica 2018 - Cora and Sticta (and Swartz) Expedition
Team: Keron Campbell, Joel Mercado-Diaz and Manuela Dal Forno
Personal notes: The type Cora pavonia is from the Blue Mountains, and that is why I HAD TO GO TO JAMAICA! Joel was also interested in Swartz types and we joined forces with Keron from the Institute of Jamaica for this dream trip! There were moments I thought I was actually in the Lord of the Rings movie set - Like a Bryophyte heaven!
We also went to Mason River Protected Area, a completely different lichen world!
Note: Check out the super cool moth camouflaging on lichens growing on the Jamaican Endemic Palm Bactris jamaicana (prickly pole)! Also, the Christmas lichen, Herpothallon rubrocinctum, in the type country
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