Colombia 2015
(Field) Team: David Diaz Escandon, Luis Fernando Coca, Manuela Dal Forno and Robert Lücking
I went to Manizales, Colombia for about 10 days in August 2015 as an invited speaker to the Colombian Botany Meeting, where I offered a workshop on Neotropical Lichens with local lichenologist Luis Fernando Coca and had the chance to work at the FAUC herbarium. Then, we went to one of my bucket list items: THE COLOMBIAN PARAMOS! So, yes, lots of pictures of Espeletia (frailejones), don't blame me... they are AMAZING and I have always wanted to see them up close. THANK YOU so much L.F. Coca and María Alejandra Buitrago Aristizábal for organizing and acquiring funding for my incredible trip to Colombia.